All About mobile advertising: Types & trends

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It is always good to stay on top of your game and when it comes to the digital medium of mobile advertising, you need to be aware of the latest happenings. This fastest growing industry is here to make differences in our lives. There will be more mobile devices in the market at a fast pace in the year 2016. The year will also notice a demand for greater transparency from advertisers that includes media costs, ad types etc.


Let us talk about the expected mobile advertising trends in 2016:


Disintermediation to cut short the chase

With the expansion of Facebook and Google in the ad tech market, other names in the market will also drive in 2016 to offer an independent platform for more transparency in the process. This will encourage more disintermediation and reduce the number of steps to connect the advertiser and the consumer. Prioritization is the call of the hour for the advertisers as there are additional platform options for programmatic buying and experiment with the varying ad units.

Ad blocking technique

In 2016, app campaigns are not really going to be affected by mobile web. It is a suggestion to the advertisers that they should wait and track results over the next few quarters. You should also focus on investments where it can be traceable, for example, in-app advertising that is expected to reach $17 billion by 2018.

Self-service programmatic

In programmatic advertising, both advertisers and publishers are seeking transparency. Advertisers want to find out on which the areas that they are spending and the return on their investment (ROI). Publishers look for access to data for analysis pertaining to types of ads and companies that are successful with their inventory. This year it is going to be an important feature and programmatic providers should be able to adapt this. And the advertisers should look for programmatic partners that distribute data and offer better alternatives for targeting, price optimization, etc.

Ad units to drive more engagement

2016 will witness popular ad units to change for good. There will be increasing focus on user experience, publishers, and advertisers. Advertisers will make investments in ad units and engage the users with minimizing distraction. Publishers will start leveraging on social platforms to check the performance of video ad units that boosts the potential to drive higher engagement and revenue.

App indexing will generate number of apps

App indexing has been offered by Google for a while. But the point to note here is that due to the complexity in the ranking possibilities of apps, 2016 will prove towards many that the online visibility has its own benefits for apps. The mobile-optimized site can do wonders to appeal the mobile crowd, but then after apps will begin to replace them.

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