Create Pleasant Experience through Insight driven marketing

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Insight driven marketing is the next step of data-driven marketing. Managing the huge amount of data can be a very difficult task and expensive at the same time. Your company would need to hire a team to keep a track of all these data and there is a high chance that discrepancies would creep in that way.
Data is valuable and it must be applied. Once that is done, it goes to the stage of insight-driven marketing. We can say that there are 3 phases of this form of digital marketing.
3 phases:
1. Data-driven marketing
2. Insight-driven marketing
3. Innovative driven marketing
The data-driven marketing has been existing for a few decades now. Industries like finance, insurance, e-commerce, restaurants, etc. have been ruled as database marketing services. Health, travel and tourism, education, and other business sectors are also quickly edging towards encompassing this form of marketing. The main reason behind this the capability to reveal the behavioral tactics of the customers.
In the insight-driven marketing, the advanced models of thinking are used. The combination of human intelligence and sufficient amount of information along with the analytics is used to conduct the test models. Probabilistic statements about data tell the key is to have a hypothesis. There is no need for too much data as that can lead to confusion. Insight driven marketing involves adjoining multiple data points to form a complete picture of the customers.
As the next phase of data-driven marketing, it depends on the right data and make use of it in an effective and relevant way. The data should be accessible and can be found in one particular place. The data would certainly vary depending on the type of industry or business. It mostly includes the following:

It mostly includes the following:
• Contact details
• Demographics/location
• List of purchase
• Past engagements
• Loyalty programs

The data that is used in this form of marketing must be up-to-date. It becomes out-of-date if a customer does not buy anything from your site for many months. Sometimes it can even become out-of-date after a few hours of updating. Remember, if the database is not updated and inaccurate or duplicate then the insight you take form will not provide you the right information.
Points to remember:
• Use software that can pull data from various touch points to a single location
• Clean up the database at a regular interval of time
• Re-engage the old customers through emails that talk about discounts and offers
• Clean the subscriber list regularly as that keeps the insights relevant and manageable
Insight driven marketing is about sending personalized and relevant messages as it engages your customers and creates a pleasant experience. It drives loyalty and value for your brand. It also helps you to create effective content marketing. It stays connected with the customers and can interact at any given time.

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